Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to use LCSW study buddy

This is a forum for everyone to share!
So...post up your tips, feedback and anything useful. Please be positive...we ALL need encouragement here and this blog is here to HELP, MOTIVATE and inspire!

I am quite the weirdo so you will see odd mnemonic devices, songs, videos and diagrams that may prove useful.

Just stick to the plan!

God Speed! Go! Go! Super Social Workers!


  1. Hi looks like its bee a bit of time since you blogged.

    I am studying and plan to test 10/14. I have gone over all the material at least once and when I take practice exam seem to fail in couple areas. Whats up with the suporvision administration section? What frame of reference do I need to use when answereing. Is it just so dry I cant recall or... Any suggestions?

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