Tuesday, August 17, 2010

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I've charted a 8 week strenuous review schedule based on the order of the LCSW exam topic breakdown, in order to prioritize studying. For example, let's say that statistics and research is only 1% of the exam (which is the truth). I wouldn't spend more than a day reviewing statistical analysis and research methods.

To review, here is the 2010 LCSW topic breakdown taken from the ABSW website:

Content Outline
I. Human Development & Behavior in the Environment--22%
A. Theories of human development and behavior
B. Human development in the life cycle
C. Human behavior
D. Impact of crises and changes
E. Family functioning
F. Addictions
G. Abuse & neglect

II. Issues of Diversity--6%
A. Effects of culture, race, and/or ethnicity
B. Effects of sexual orientation and/or gender
C. Effects of age and/or disability

III. Diagnosis and Assessment--16%
A. Assessment
B. Information gathering
C. Diagnostic classifications
D. Indicators of abuse and neglect
E. Indicators of danger to self and others

IV. Psychotherapy and Clinical Practice--16%
A. Intervention theories and models
B. The intervention process
C. Treatment planning
D. Intervention techniques
E. Intervention with couples and families
F. Intervention with groups

V. Communication--8%
A. Communication principles
B. Communication techniques

VI. The Therapeutic Relationship--7%
A. Relationship theories
B. Relationship practice

VII. Professional Values and Ethics--10%
A. Value issues
B. Legal and ethical issues
C. Confidentiality

VIII. Clinical Supervision, Consultation and Staff Development--4%
A. Social work supervision
B. Consultation and interdisciplinary collaboration
C. Staff development

IX. Practice Evaluation and the Utilization of Research--1%
A. Evaluation techniques
B. Utilization of research

X. Service Delivery--5%
A. Policies and procedures of service delivery
B. Processes of service delivery

XI. Clinical Practice & Management--5%
A. Advocacy
B. Finance
C. Management and human resource issues

So we will break it down here:
Week 1 & 2: Human Development, Behavior, Life Cycle and Theory
Week 3 &4: Diagnosis & Assessment
Week 5 &6 Psychodynamics & Clinical Practice
Week 7:
3 days: Ethics
1 day: Supervision
1 day: Consultation
1 day: Relationships
1 day: Research & Statistics

Week 8: The "knitty gritty" plus review
1 day: Service
1 day: Administration/Management
1 day: Pharmacology
1 day: Medical Social Work/ HIV/Cancer
3 days: diagnostic tests, review and time yourself!

Study pattern:
Option A: 4 hours M-F, and 8 hours Sa-S. = 36 hours/week
Option B: 6 hours 6 days a week, and 1 hour on your "off" day = 37 hours
The first option, although very strenous is meant for the 9-5 worker.

Are you ready for the challenge?!?


  1. hey I need study buddies, wanting to take the LCSW , soon..how far along are you in studying, i need the extra motivation, because i work all the time and have to make time to study..lol

    1. Hi Sharon! Did you take your exam? How was it? What tools did you find useful to use? I take mine in less than 2 weeks. Feeling nervous!!

    2. Did both of you take the exam ?

  2. The aswb version of the KSAs broken down is much more detailed .... It may be just worded differently .. However I have found that the aswb clinical exam guide by dawn Apgar is extremely helpful and breaks the exam content down differently .... You may have done this to serve the purpose of studying .. I am only using this blog social work test prep that book and DSM V Sw encyclopedia and dictionalry and Sw desk reference the latter 3 resources only opened if I do not have clarification on something
    This blog is serving most of that purpose
    Ty so very much for this and it has inspired me to reach out and express my thoughts emotions and feelings about this endeavor

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  4. I have been approved to retake by board and they are reviewing my updated application because it was over a year old ... Contacted board and they will process my app and generate my letter to move forward ! I will then start with a study plan for at least 4 months and take again! My hours are good until oct '18 ! So I will take my time ... So 4-5 mos from now maybe March

  5. Hi danafotea
    Did u take ur exam? I am studying and I am able to sit in on a supervision group which is very helpful
    I am scheduled this summer